2016. 7. 29.

                   2016. 7. 23.

                   2016. 7. 15.

                   2016. 6. 11.

iMda 5.2 'Sara' - Only one (Open: July 2016)

Face up : Laminar

Outfit set :


Original image 01
Original image 02
Original image 03
Original image 04
(PEN-F/ 無修正)  

                   2016. 6. 11.


                   2016. 5. 12. Shanghai event


May 7, 2016. Shanghai event

                   2016. 4. 17. Photogenic-Doll Photo Recipe 


                   2016. 3. 31.


                   2016. 2. 16. Designer HJ. Park’s Performance in Japan

 A designer HJ. Park of Neo-AngelRegion had a performance in Japan. She majored in fashion design at University, and was used to play Korean classical music as a hobby. Now she performs a concert in Korea or abroad.
The photo below is that when she had a performance in Yokohama.


                   2016. 2. 14. Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box in Taiwan

Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box
The photo of the event in Taiwan today. Thank you!



 A designer HJ.Park joined a event in Taiwan. Mr. Hoffmann's Toy Box is a big doll free market in Taipei, Taiwan. I think iMda Doll has joined the event already for 3years. I’ve never been in person but I appreciate Deginer HJ.Park to keep doing well at the event. She sent me some pictures of the event although she must be busy. :-)

                   2016. 1. 28.

  On Monday, the work for bisque dolls which were released last year ‘Gian’, ‘Gian sleepy’, ‘Modigli’ is finished. Since September of 2014, it took one year and half. A bisque doll is painstaking work. We had a party with staffs who worked hard so hard. I ordered a special cake and enjoyed the moment with our staffs. “Good job, People’





 ‘Molly’, a puppy who had stayed at my home. Her real name is ‘A-ri’. The owner of ‘A-ri’ visited to my office with the puppy. As soon as they arrived here, A-ri laid on a couch (She loves lying on a bed!). Jac-yack was happy to see her again. Also, I was surprised that the owner of ‘A-ri’ is a famous artist! Wow.

                   2016. 1. 14.

 Molly came to my house in the new year. Today she could find her own family and come back to her house. Good bye, Molly...

                   2016. 1. 8.

78cm Bisque dolls which were displayed over for one year in Beijing, China. Both were sold by the gallery. They are going to be displayed permanently in China.

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